Friday, 8 July 2011

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a medical condition in which the affected individual experiences severe abdominal pain, often accompanied by vomiting and fever.  Pancreatitis is a serious condition with significant morbidity and mortality.  This condition is usually associated with obesity and repeated bouts of alcohol drinking.  Some people may have repeated attacks of pancreatitis, which may result in complications in the long run.  Pancreatitis may also results as a complication of gall bladder inflammation.  Chronic pancreatitis may destroy parts of the pancreas or may form cysts within the pancreas, which may affect its normal functioning.

The modern management of pancreatitis deals mainly with tiding over the crisis, giving supportive treatment, and preventing complications like infection, peritonitis, abdominal rupture and septicemia. Modern treatment cannot actually treat pancreatitis or prevent further attacks effectively.  Ayurvedic treatment can be effectively utilised in the management of pancreatitis because Ayurvedic medicines not only reduce the inflammation and swelling within the pancreas, but they also prevent its associated complications, and also prevent further attacks.  Ayurvedic medicines can therefore effectively reduce the serious mortality and morbidity associated with this condition.

Ayurvedic medicines also effectively reduce the cyst formation which usually results from attacks of pancreatitis.  Most people affected with this condition also have symptomatic gall stones or inflammation in the gall bladder.  Ayurvedic treatment can effectively treat all these conditions too.  It is equally important to adopt lifestyle changes, reduce weight, and abstain completely from alcohol and tobacco.  Most people who have chronic pancreatitis require Ayurvedic treatment for about four to six months, in order to get substantial benefit from treatment, and to stop recurrent attacks.

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