Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Stroke or Paralysis

Stroke is a medical condition in which some parts of the brain are damaged either because of a reduced blood supply or due to bleeding vessels in the brain.  This results in impaired movement or loss of movement in the extremities or body parts which are supplied by the defective or damaged parts of the brain.  Stroke or paralysis is a frustrating medical condition and leads to a lifelong physical as well as mental handicap, and the situation is aggravated since there is no clear cut treatment or cure for this condition in the modern system of medicine.  The treatment given in such a condition is mainly supportive, and includes symptomatic treatment for known causes as well as graded exercises or physical rehabilitation.

The Ayurvedic treatment for this condition involves treatment of the known causes, treatment for improving the blood circulation to the brain or reducing the damage done by bleeding vessels.  After the occurrence of stroke, Ayurvedic treatment can be given in order to hasten recovery and improve the functioning of nerves and muscular strength.  Ayurvedic medicines are known to bring about regeneration of damaged nerves and nerve impulses.  In addition, Ayurvedic medicines also act on the neuromuscular junctions to improve neuromuscular coordination and muscular activity.  This treatment consists of oral medication as well as localised massage with medicated oils, after which the impaired parts are treated to fomentation.

Ayurvedic medicines therefore have a definite role to play in the treatment of stroke or paralysis.  This treatment gives a comprehensive improvement for all the symptoms related to paralysis, while also treating the original cause of the condition.  It is also important to treat contributing factors like hypertension, stress, increased cholesterol and other related conditions.  It is important to keep in mind that the results of Ayurvedic treatment in the management of paralysis are best when treatment is instituted within the first two months.  Early treatment usually results in a complete or near complete recovery.  Delayed treatment is still effective, and should be commenced as early as possible, in order to derive maximum benefit from the medicines.  Stroke rehabilitation can therefore be considered to be incomplete without Ayurvedic treatment.  Treatment is usually required for about four months and can dramatically alter the quality of life of affected individuals.

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